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  • 1On-site technical service

    If you need on-site technical services, our after-sales engineers will arrive at the site within 48 hours to provide you with on-site technical support services.

    2One-year warranty

    Falcon uav whole machine one year free warranty; After the warranty expires, the maintenance service is free for life. If it involves the replacement of materials and accessories, only the cost of materials and accessories will be charged.

    3Lifelong remote technical consultation service

    Falcon for customers to provide permanent free remote product installation guidance and use of teaching services, customers can through telephone, E-mail and other ways to our company for technical advice.

    4Spare parts support service

    Falcon maintenance center is equipped with sufficient spare parts and spare aircraft, for temporary failure to solve, falcon provides spare aircraft to operate.

    5Software update service

    Falcon provides software upgrades for users.

  • Call the sales service hotline(010-60860223)

    Customer service specialist and customer preliminary confirmation of product after-sales related issues

    Download and fill in the RNA application form and send it to
    Receive product test registration

    After receiving the product, the after-sales service center will conduct test registration and determine whether it conforms to the maintenance terms

    Determine if maintenance is free of charge
    Falcon uav
    Accord with
    Ask the customer if they agree with the maintenance.
    Falcon uav
    Do not conform to the
    Ask the customer if they agree with the maintenance.
    Agree--maintain--send back the product, sign for it and ask for customer feedback
    Disagree -- the customer pays the return express fee -- send back the product, sign for it and ask the customer for feedback